Bible Pudding replaces the terminology of meals, such as lunch, dinner, supper and breakfast, which are all replaced by the single term 'Bible Pudding'. You can't tell the difference between the meals, they are all called 'Bible Pudding.'

The term 'meat' is changed in this enterprise. It will now be called 'candy muck'. This puts people off consuming raw materials of animals.    

Cleansing, purging consists of praise whatever is eaten.

A lot of the time it is the media trying to force feed you ways to eat.

Advertising food on television triggers a part of the brain to make it want to eat food. If there were no food adds on TV nobody would suffer gluttony.

Everybody that has been a chef at one point is a nihilist unless they cook meals which support the wilderness.

Many modern humans suffer from nonverifiable obesity.

Foodies have a tabulated, telegraphed oesophagus.

Gluttonises slurp experience hollers bollers.  

Judging by the Last Supper, foods are a tragic bible offering. Don't rush into eating food because it is an affliction.

Nobody wants to live their life in a carcass boulevard.

Do not listen to the screams of lambs going to the slaughter unless death takes unexpected directions. 

Playing with murder of animals is chaotic to ingest.

Eating vegan foods helps the soul recline from essential living.

A carcass is beautifully spoken for but not for the whole universe, otherwise it would be a holocaust.

Some people destroy themselves before tragedy and all that kind of stuff begins.

The death of an animal is a natural progression of contemporary art without needing a debilitating critical analysis.

Sometimes just slightly people need encouragement to eat Candy Muck.

You cannot survive temperamentally with no real research on the foods you eat.

Vegetarianism is a subversive craft which requires inspection because it does not provide all the nutrients a person requires.

Yet the applied field of vegetarianism mimics repeated attempts of the luxury of disillusionment. 

Opulent footsteps into the food world is a mighty monologue located at a distance from the stomach. It is advised not to use vegetarian recipes which are wholly experimental. A source of guidance is needed.

Vegetarians need to eat much more food than those that include a small amount of Candy Muck in their diet, which is wasteful.  

The earth is becoming a grid of openings and closures of integrity with no power distribution. We want to eliminate openings and bring closure eternally as a finality to rationality everywhere of its time.

Candy Muck has heat specific futile elegance.

Heat fuels luminosity reassuringly soon after being nudged into eating it. 

Vegetarian foods have astringent combustion. They are advised during summer.

Butchers erupt while watching their carcasses being cut up in an controversial objective position of doggedness of nutrition.

Candy Muck have a stale smell, just like you are tasting the embers of the animal product dealer, moving from one environmental context to another.

The problem is that most plant-based foods are indigestible. The proteins need to be broken down in some way such as boiling them with red wine or other forms of alcohol. Lack of eating meat protein can lead to issues such as nervous complaints, irritiabiltiy wrinkles and crow's feet and other forms of premature aging.   

Also, aged or pickled foods and beverages such as sauerkraut and kombucha tea are more easily digested.

When eating meals with a small amount of Candy Muck you only have to eat once per day. Vegetarians need more than one meal per day. 

Eating indigestible food stretches the threshold of the diet inefficiently.

Many vegetarian recipes are deceptive. They eliminate hunger but don’t nourish the body.

This serves as a warning against vegetarian meals.  

Aging means we are smashed by makeshift chronological progression.

The mind resembles rotten matter in order to extinguish reciprocal animal cruelty.

Candy Muck diets can also make you vulnerable to becoming a zombie. The brain needs pre-formed omega 3 fatty acids to function properly. It also needs B12, which is only found in animal products

Go back and forth regularly from famines of the brain that allow light in. Save the shadows for the environment.

It’s not safe having a regimented diet unless it plays an important role in your life to keep the inner depths of your motor running.

But most of all Bible Pudding will contain food suggestions to save the planet or something like that rather than doing nothing in the end.

The general result is a cult of cleanliness. Never eat food without washing your mouth and tongue out afterwards with a beverage or mouthwash. 

The best ages to eat Candy Muck are in the growing-up phase of existence. Once you are fully grown a vegetarian-based diet is recommended, but only until you are thirty, otherwise you will age prematurely.

Never eat chicken, pork or eggs because they don't have a secondary item to make use of such as cows and sheep do, where leather and wool are derived from. Feathers have no use.

Also, never eat plain mustard or turmeric based foods because they leave a yellow stain on the tongue afterwards difficult to remove for all believers.

It is vegetable foods which forms a buffer against excess Candy Muck gaining momentum in certain areas of the earth.

How the site works is that people submit their recipes below and they will be collated and made available on our internet page once they are assessed.   

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